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date night. paris in the spring.

Loving Paris in the Spring might feel cliche, but who cares! Lo and I are having a French inspired date night. It's the perfect inspiration for staying-in and cooking together as a couple. Won't you join us? We dove into our music collection thinking Spring and France and pulled out some great music for you to hear. We're eating some rustic French onion soup and finishing it off with some beef tartare and French beer. Check out the music. Check out the recipes. Pay some homage to those French who definitly do food and mood right. Allez bon appétit.

The music: Trying out a new feature. We collect lots of music at our home. We'll try and bring you some great music on occasion and hopefully most of it is new to you. We would love some feedback here.




French onion soup.

I love how simple and rustic this soup is. The list of ingredients is small and so is the price point. Onion, wine, stock, thyme, sherry, gruyere and day old crusty baguette.


Beef tartare.

While bartending at Les Halles in lower Manhattan I had two favorite dishes, but the one that makes me feel most nostalgiac is beef tartare. I love it.




Again a callback to Les Halles.. a little post (or during) shift beer. You gotta have a Kronenburg. With a little beef tartare on a crusty baguette? A nice cold lager type of beer? YES please.



date night. a belated valentine's day dinner.


This year we happened to be apart on Valentine's Day. While we always enjoy a reason to cook something special, we don't need a holiday in order to feel loved. We believe every day can be Valentine's Day and any weekend can present an opportunity to stay-in and cook together as a couple. So, next time you want to create a romantic evening, why don't you give date night cooking a try and share this meal with someone you love.


Champagne & Tomato Soup

Pan Seared Black Cod with Potato Bacon Leek Hash 

Click on each menu item for complete recipes.



Yummy yum white wine.... Gruner Veltliner is an Austrian varietal that is coming on strong. Good stuff, little money, two of my favorite things to say about wine. The 2007 Berger is a staple in our wine fridge and has enough acidity to cut perfectly through the butteriness of this dish.




Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet brings to life an unusual and touching story about finding love and happiness in the most unexpected of places. Thanks to Jeunet’s creative genius we get to see the world through the imaginative eyes of Amelie, played by the enchanting Audrey Tautou. The result is an addictively charming film, that for us, is the perfect movie for rekindling that magical feeling of falling in love.




date night. what about bob?

August brings the last month of summer and a perfect opportunity to pay tribute to one our favorite films, What About Bob?, by recreating their classic summer meal. Every time we watch that scene, where Bob is eating the corn, we laugh hysterically. To this day, I can't eat a piece of corn on the cob without thinking about Bob's overt enjoyment. "MMMMMMM! MMMMMMM!! MMMMMMM!!!" It's how good food should be eaten, with gusto! Life is full of simple pleasures to be savored and appreciated. This Saturday show your appreciation for each other by choosing to stay in and cook together as a couple - Bob Wiley style.


Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Potato Salad with Warm Bacon Viniagrette

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Click on each menu item for complete recipes.



Martini shaker lemonade



What About Bob?

A summer classic that gets better every time we watch it. This isn't a romantic comedy, but it is a story about relationships. The chemistry between neurotic, but lovable Bob Wiley (Bill Murray) and his straight-laced, often dull psychiatrist Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss) is genuine and hilarious. It's a movie about what can happen when opposite personalities collide. And that sometimes it takes a crazy person to remind us to let our guard down, try new things, and have fun. Keep sailing Bob!



date night. jamaica baby.

There's something about the beginning of Summer that transports us to exotic locales. This month we are inspired by the flavors of Jamaica. Spicy. Soulful. Bold. What better three reasons to stay home and cook together as a couple?

Jamaica is a country rife with political unrest. Yet despite their oppression, they are people who continue to find joy in food, music and tradition. It is in that same spirit that we honor the people and their culture with this menu. Much love!



Jerk Chicken

Stewed Black Beans

Click on each menu item for complete recipes. 




Nothing compliments the Jamaican heat like a cold bottle of Red Stripe. The beer synonymous with Jamaica is the perfect accompaniment to jerk chicken, uncomplicated and easy to drink it won't distract from the flavors of the jerk. 




Dr. No

We love cult classics and this innaguaral movie in the James Bond series is a favorite. Assigned to a mission in Jamaica, Bond (Sean Connery) is met by a deadly beauty named Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress) who emerges from the sea in a tiny white bikini, a knife holster slung about her hips, as one of the most seductive and iconic Bond-girls of all time. Some say the movie is worth watching just for that one scene alone. We think its one of the best, albeit less flashy, of the Bond movies filled with excellent adventures...both in and out of the bedroom.


date night. spring is in the air.

This month’s installment of the Saturday Night Cook-In is an ode to spring. While Mother Nature likes to tease those of us in Minnesota with the impending arrival of warmer weather, it does seem like spring is finally just around the corner.  The sun is shining a little brighter, the birds are singing a little louder and everyone has a renewed sense of promise and purpose in their step. This coming Saturday marks the official start of spring.  Why not celebrate by choosing to stay in and cook together as a couple?  Love is in the air and nothing rekindles romance like spending quality time together.  Enjoy!



Fennel, endive, radicchio salad with smoked trout and toasted fennel vinaigrette

Risotto primavera





This German rose made from pinot noir goes great with the fennel freshness of the salad and cuts through the richness of the risotto. The light and sweet nature of this wine was a nice treat and had us thinking of warmer times.

Rheingau Spatburgunder rose 2008






Amarcord - Criterion Collection

We promise to pick an American film next time, but this Italian gem so perfectly captures the essence of spring, we couldn’t resist featuring it.  Written and directed by Federico Fellini, this lesser well-known masterpiece chronicles the life of a small Italian coastal town in the 1930’s. Starting in the spring and ending there one year later with the return of the yearly "puffballs", we are touched by the beauty of living a meaningful existence despite one’s circumstances.  It’s hopeful, enchanting and nostalgic…just like spring.