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heirloom tomato and arugula salad with a chive lemon cream.

Heirloom tomatoes are among one of the most beautiful ingredients you'll find. They show themselves in varied shapes, sizes, flavors and textures. From the crunchy zing of a Green Zebra to the sweet juiciness of a Brandywine. With almost limitless varieties the uses are endless.

A quick note on what "heirloom" means. Heirloom by definition refers to varieties introduced before 1940 that have been seed harvested and handed down from generation to generation. I like to simplify it, an heirloom tomato is a real tomato. It's what tomatoes were before hybridization for mass production. If you bought a regular tomato from the store and planted the seeds, a tomato plant would not grow. On the other hand, you could grow a plant from the seeds of an heirloom tomato.

This salad is a great way to let the tomatoes shine.

Heirloom tomato and arugula salad with a chive lemon cream.

3-4 small heirloom tomatoes, cut into various sized pieces

1 small handful arugula or mixed baby greens, cleaned

1/2 lemon, juiced

1 tablespoon lemon zest and a little more for garnish

1/4 cup creme fraiche

buttermilk, just enough to loosen the creme fraiche

2 tablespoons chive, finely chopped

salt and pepper, to taste

In a mixing bowl combine creme fraiche, lemon juice, buttermilk, lemon zest and chives. Whisk until smooth. If too thick add another splash of buttermilk. If too thin, add a bit more creme fraiche. Season with salt and pepper.

Toss tomatoes and greens with just enough dressing to coat the leaves. Garnish with reserved lemon zest and serve.